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The Law Firm was founded in 1996, and deals with various legal fields.
The Firm activity includes litigation and legal counseling to private customers, self-business owners, companies and


The Firm practices mainly in Israeli Taxation Law (Income Tax, V.A.T. Tax and Real Estate Tax), and provide legal services in civil-commercial matters, Real Estate and general matters.

Among The Firm's client there are private customers, self-business owners, real estate developers, small businesses, companies, business partnerships, Israeli hi-tech companies, and corporations engaged in other fields.


Due to legal constraints, and in view of the Firms uncompromising commitment to confidentiality, the Firm must refrains from disclosing its clients' identity, unless if published in the press.


The legal services to our clients characterized with professional and efficient legal services based on a deep understanding of our client’s needs, combined with responsibility and personal treatment in full loyalty to our clients.


We focus our practice in these areas of the law:


Israeli Taxation Law –

Criminal Taxation matters especially with Income Tax and V.A.T. Tax

Civil Taxation matters with Income Tax and V.A.T. Tax and Real Estate Tax


Commercial Law and Litigation –

Commercial contracts, Public and Private financing, shares.

Full range of legal services including Merger & Acquisition, Due Diligence, Corporate Restructuring est.

Representation in all Israeli courts, arbitration proceedings, official committees, regarding all aspects of our firm's area of practice.


Real Estate -

We provide legal services including Contracts &, Land development.


Profile –

The Founder, Shay Harel, holds three academic degrees from the Tel Aviv University:

1989 B.A. in Economics

1990 LL.B. Law degree

1990 M.A. in Economics

1988-1989 member in the Israel Economic Association

From 1990 member in the Israel Bar


Among Shay Harel activities in the Tax area of practice, since 1990, he was member in the Committee for the Tax-Legislation of the Israel bar, is an active member in the Tax Committee of the Israel bar, an active member in the V.A.T.& customs-Tax Committee of the Israel bar Association, and published many articles in leading Israeli Legal Tax Publications.


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LL.B., B.A. (Econ.), M.A. (Econ.)

 Israeli Taxation Law, Commercial Law and Real Estate

242 Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv 63501, Israel   Tel: 972 3 5467531  Fax: 972 3 5467536
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